Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen – House of Singapore’s First Tonkatsu Chef

It’s a new Japanese restaurant. Singapore’s first Tonkatsu Chef makes his debut in Serangoon Gardens with the opening of Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen.

Chef Tan-san mastered the art of Tonkatsu in Japan. He returned to Singapore in 1993 to helm the kitchen of the first Tonkatsu Specialty Restaurant chain.

“Making him the nations’ very first Tonkatsu chef.”

Bringing 25 years of experience to Hajime’s kitchen, chef Tan looks to bring his famed creations to the masses.

Hajime, short for the Japanese greeting Hajimemashite which means “Nice to meet you” or “beginning”, represents the restaurant’s philosophy that warm service all good things begin at the restaurant.

That was actually the first thing I’ve noticed when I set foot in Hajime, the welcoming vibes that greeted me.

While, waiting for the food to be served, how can’t I notice the cleanliness and modern lights of the restaurant that combines three of my favorite colors red, white and black? It’s just me, having these things with ceilings & lights. 🙂



Premium Pork Loin Set (S$19.90) 

hajimehajimeAre you into hunt of perfect Tonkatsu? Look no further, it’s here!

I’ve observed most pork cutlets around are dry but not the Hajime’s pork loin. It is air-flown from Japan. Breaded with real fresh bread crumbs, purpose made for the creation of the Tonkatsu dish.

I love that it’s juicy, tender and it’s not oily. It crunches when you bite. Yumsssss!

Miso Fillet (S$17.90)


The Miso is imported from Nagoya, home of the famous Misokatsu and enhanced with red wine & Tonkatsu broth. The fillet is done just right with a touch of pink in the middle and it’s not over-cooked. Juicy and tender too.

Tonkatsu set comes with free flow of rice and cabbage. The rice they served in all sets are premium Niigata rice. And the cabbage is crunchy. It’s freshly sliced and washed with ice water

Tonkatsu Ramen (S$14.90) 


Served with cutlet, same quality of pork used from Japan. While, you don’t get choose how your noodles be cooked. Hajime uses Nama noodles and it’s slightly chewy. The broth is made in-house too, simmered over 12 hours. No added MSG.

Katsu Don (S$12.90)

hajimeBowl of rice topped with cutlet, egg and condiments. Served with tonjiru soup, home-made pickles & watermelon.

Upon conversion with Chef Tan-San, instead of cooking the pork fillet katsu with the sauce & egg, they have the katsu laid over the Niigata rice and nori (seaweed) pieces in between them. Then runny eggs laid over the katsu. While the sauce will flow into the rice and crunchiness of the katsu will remain.

Side Dishes

HajimeEbi Fry-3 pieces (S$6.90)
The Ebi is not pre-breaded but breaded and fried only upon order. I liked that it is deliciously crunchy.

Gyoza (S$6.90) 
It is based off a traditional Japanese recipe and is accompanied with a dash of Japanese La-Yu (chilli oil), it gives a balance of sweet, sour and spicy.

Roasted Edamame (S$3.90)
It is roasted with salt to bring out a smoky fragrance.


Good to know that Hajime has no services charge, all prices on menu are nett.


Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen
MyVillage @ Serangoon Garden,
1 Maju Avenue #02-07/8/9 Singapore 556679
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Phone: 6509 9952



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