Volume 05: Articles I Read

“Reading gives us knowledge.”

Here are the things I read and learned this week.

These articles are about parenting, beauty tips, relationship and lifestyle.

1) The truth about sleeping on wet hair.

At this point of my life I no longer have the belief of “catching a cold” when I sleep with wet hair, which my mom would always told me before. I would blow dry if I’m not too lazy to do it or just sleep with wet hair.

2) 7 Habits of people who don’t stress over the little things.

I think I already mastered to “leave work at work” and to leave family matters at home. I have worked for over 10 years and I have never at one point bring my work outside the company. This I have found effective for me.

3) Tips to make your young baby grow up to be a reader.

I’m happy that my kids grew up with the love for reading. And my eldest is a bookworm.

When my kids were babies, I have never read for them for the reason of they might not yet understand. But, I made it a habit to make them listen to nursery rhymes every morning. Then, during their toddler years we’ve started introducing educational and fun show on CD. It was our bonding everyday.

When they started talking few words, we begun introducing books and educational charts that I posted on the walls of the room. And we made reading a daily habit, even if for few minutes.

4) 12 Daily habits of super-happy couples.

I love everything listed on this article and my top favorite is “pillow talk”.


What do you think about these articles? Do share it in the comment section below.


source: smart parenting, women’s health, byrdie, real simple


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