Osaka Castle Japan: World’s Most Visited Castle

We have visited the 16th century castle on our first morning in Osaka. We got up early as we have so many things we plan to do for the day which includes going back to Dotonbori for shopping, dinner and dessert at Pablo.

Osaka Castle, known to Japanese as Osaka-jo is Japan’s famous landmark. It’s one of the top sights to see in Osaka and considered world’s most-visited castles with annual of over 1.5 million visitors.

For a city like Osaka, it’s good to see something traditional & historic. We arrived early in the castle and we’re surprised with the crowd who came earlier than us.

The moment we set foot on the castle’s ground, we already started taking photos, it’s still few minutes walk to the main gate.

My expectations started to build as we walk farther to the castle. It’s a bit far to what I have expected. But you have the entire 15 acres park to enjoy and even have a picnic.

Ruined by history of war and fire then reconstructed over the years, it remains an oasis with a beautiful park surrounded with cherry blossom trees and waterways. It feels like I was in the painting and walking while the cold breeze blowing my hair and touches my skin. Oh wait, I forgot it’s cold and I’m fully covered he he he! It’s just my imagination of the entire feeling like I’m in a movie scene. It’s beautiful!

The long walk was disregarded and replaced with the excitement to reach the main castle.

Osaka CastleTook a pose before heading to the main entrance gate

osaka castleOsaka CastleOsaka CastleTRAVEL BUDDIES

Osaka Castle

osaka castleIt’s a long stretch of cherry blossoms. If you are on a hunt of cherry blossom moment in Osaka, this place is a perfect choice.

We came 1 week earlier during the cherry blossom season so most of the trees are still in buds, not yet fully bloom.

Osaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka Castle

Finally arrived at the foot of the castle after a long walk. The park grounds surrounding the castle remain a free access zone, you can freely take pictures of the castle’s main buildings.

Once you decide to get inside the castle that turns into museum you have to pay the entrance fee of 600 yen. You have the option to buy a combined entrance ticket to the castle tower and the Osaka Museum of History for 900 yen.


Osaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka castleVIEWS FROM CASTLE TOWER

osaka castleosaka castleMainly, the castle is a combination of beautiful cherry blossom parks and the museum inside the castle. If you are into history and you are interested to know more about Osaka and see the things from 16th century then I think 600 yen entrance fee is worth it.

The Osaka Castle Tower is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm. It is open all year round except from December 28 to January 1.

How to get there? Take the train that will bring you to Subway Morinomiya Station. The castle is just outside this station. More detailed guide here.

Are you planning to visit this castle or share your experience with me? Let’s talk at the comment section below.

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