A Must Try Food In Maldives

A popular local dish that you must not miss out when in Maldives.

It was served in the hotel buffet breakfast where we stayed. I was liked “huh grated coconut for breakfast?”. I was hesitant at first but when the staff told me that I should give it a try because it is a popular breakfast dish, I took the risk even if I know that it could possibly upset the anaconda in my belly. 🙂

I realized, “popular” is the key word to easily convinced
me to try he he he!

I found myself eating it on all my mornings in Maldives. It’s yummeeeey!!


Maldivians called it “Mas Huni”, it’s a typical local breakfast.

All ingredients are finely chopped and mixed with tuna and fresh grated coconut and It’s eaten with baked roshi flatbread.

I wondered if you had tried this somewhere else? I’d loved to hear from you, do share it in the comment section below or let me know if you would like me to share the recipe.


photo: dreaming of maldives



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