Newly Opened Japanese Restaurant: BARASHI-TEI And Catch Their Seasonal Dishes

“It’s a traditional Japanese cuisine made from scratch, no shortcuts.” That’s how Barashi-tei describes their food being made with love. It even includes their Shoyu, desserts and drinks. They brew their own Yuzu Tea.

Founder and Chef Mr. Wang Zhen Feng is proud to present his newly opened restaurant which serves only dishes made with freshest ingredients and rice imported from Japan.

He picked up his culinary skills from Japanese master chef with 40 years of experience. And their kitchen is run by head chef with 30 years experience in Japanese cuisine.

This may sound expensive but surprisingly the foods are affordable while you eat a quality Japanese food.

I’ve noticed it during our dinner. All the dishes being served are commendable that I already spread the good news to few friends for them to try.

barashi-teiTHE COUNTER

Gindara Nabe ($24.00)


Soup dish to start your meal. Made of cod fish, tofu and assorted vegetables. The appearance says it all. What you see is what you can expect. Flavorful soup!

Avocado Salmon Salad ($13.80)

barashi-teiI simply love Salmon and avocado in a meal. Such a perfect healthy choice. A salad loads with protein and antioxidant. Ahem! I should eat more of this. 🙂

Sashimi Salad ($13.80)

barashi-teiSuper-healthy and really light meal. You know the vegetables are fresh with its lively-colorful appearance and it crunched.

Spicy Salmon Maki ($12.80)

barashi-teiI drooled when I saw this about to serve on our table. I liked that it is slightly spicy and generously covered with Salmon. My favorite!

Rice Paper Ebi Maki ($10.80)

barashi-teiThis is a lighter choice of Maki. It is wrap with rice paper.

Sirloin Steak Foie Gras ($19.80)

barashi-teiA tasteful dish worth to try. I was surprised with the softness. less chewing required.

Smoked Duck Kushi $2.60


I’m not into duck meat but I finished one stick of this smoked duck. Soft and lightly seasoned.

Ika Teriyaki $13.80

Barbecue squid topped with sweetened sauce.

Kuruma Ebi $7.80

barashi-teiAnother favorite dish. It’s a Japanese imperial prawn, probably the most popular in Japan. It’s perfectly cooked with thick sauce.

Wasabi Ebi $7.80

barashi-teiI liked the wasabi hint on this dish.

Maguro Nakauchi Don $16.80



Sake Jyu Don $16.80


Two of the most traditional Japanese food. A don (rice bowl) topped with tuna meat (Maguro Nakauchi) or salmon (Sake Jyu). Fish meats are scraped off from bones and finely chopped.

Chirashi Don $23

barashi-teiThis is a better version of don topped with thicker cut of four types of sashimi (salmon, mackerel, white tune & mekajiki). No seasoning, only freshness from sashimi and rice.

Bara Chirashi $13.80

barashi-teiBowl of bite-sized salmon, mackerel, white tuna, mekajiki mixed with cucumber and tamago with special sauce made of Shoyu.

Aburi Bara Chirashi ($16.80)

barashi-teiThe difference between the two is that aburi is torched and you can taste the difference. I liked the bara chirashi more.

Yaki Tamago $5.00


Their Tamago is freshly made from scratch, no chemical and preservatives.

Orange Pudding $3.80

barashi-teiI had this for dessert. Unexpectedly yummeeeeeey! If I wasn’t too full, I would have want more of this.

What do you think about this food selections? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

266 Middle Road
Elias Building 188991 Singapore
Phone: 8421 8228
Opens Daily: 11:00AM – 3:00PM, 6:00PM – 4:00AM
Nearest MRT: Rochor (downtown line)



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