Volume 02: Articles I Read

“Reading gives us knowledge.”

Here are the things I read and learned this week.These articles are about parenting and women’s health.

1. Safety Check: 7 big things to consider when buying toys for Baby.

It’s very important to know if the toys you are about to buy are safe for your baby, especially when the baby is already teething.

2. 10 things to know about newborns.

Isn’t it nice to know things about newborns even if you don’t have a baby?

3. 5 important medical checkups to have in your 20s.

These medical checkups are not only for 20s women but even beyond. No. 1 & 4, I do it yearly.

4. 8 silent signs of cervical cancer you should never ignore.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers for woman and can be lethal if not found early and treated correctly.


source: cosmo readersdigest smartparenting parents



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