Volume 01: Articles I Read

“Reading gives us knowledge.”

Here are the things I read and learned this week.These articles are about relationship and parenting.

1. 9 adorable ways you can make your husband blush.

Number 2 is my favorite thing to do. I used to write random sweet-nothings and post it in different places where he can see it.

2. 15 essential qualities of relationships that last.

Coming from a 16-year old relationship, I think this top 15 qualities are equally crucial to the long-term health of the relationship. But, we need to be extra forgiving.

3. 8 ways to teach gratitude to our children.

“Be a role model for your children.”

4. 6 ways to teach your teen to be a saver.

Prior to reading this article, we have already done the “Match Kids’ Savings” and it’s effective.

What’s your thoughts about these articles? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


source: familyshare mindbodygreen smartparenting usnews



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