BelowVal Singapore: Below Valuation Property

BelowVal is the newest portal that you’re going to love. Why? Let me tell you a story.

Here’s a quick story of my personal experienced related to this. I have moved seven times from one home to another. And I’ve experienced all the hassles in finding a new place, especially if the need is urgent. True, there are tons of posting you can find online but it’s really depressing to finally found a place you liked and found out that it’s a ghost listing. It doesn’t exist. Some cases were property is already taken and they didn’t update. Others even posted a wrong value of the place. And clutter websites that will make you very confused. These are few of the things I encountered.

It’s no doubt, looking for a property online would take a lot of your time. Whether you want to buy or look for rentals. I remember sitting the entire day just to find a new home. But, here’s good news! Now, I’m finally comfortable and I think I’m going to last at this place (please cross all fingers for me 😉 ).

Going back, recently I was invited for BelowVal launch party. It’s a new website launched in October 2015. They call it BelowVal short for “BELOW VALUATION”. It’s a property portal that helps agents, home owners and home seekers match their requirements more efficiently through verified ads. And the best part is, the properties are BelowVal. It’s affordable! The portal focuses on Rental, HDB and Private properties which are to be transacted on a more urgent nature. While, the urgent sale of properties is often triggered by unforeseen circumstance like relocation, migration, family changes (Oopsie my new place falls under this) or foreclosure, etc.

Here’s how simple it looks. NEAT! BelowVal is being true to their promise of no messy clutter and thousands listing but just genuine below valuation properties. They take out the clutter and show the listings in a clean and simple platform. It will surely save our time.

Customer’s are being updated with the latest below valuation properties as home owners post them on their website. Interested home seekers will then connect directly with home owners or agents to find out more. Isn’t this amazing?

With fellow lovely bloggers at the launch party of BelowVal held at Monochrome Fusion Bistro. I was ecstatic to meet new fellow bloggers and few bloggers I knew. 🙂

BelowVal because guaranteed “Only below valuation properties”. Clutters are take out and show the listing in a clean and simple platform. The website is easy and simply. It attracts genuine buyers interested in below valuation properties. And lastly, you end up selling to real buyers and not big property players. To find out more and see for yourself, please visit

photo credits: The Influencer Network


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