Cebu Adventure – Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls

Canyoneering in Cebu becomes extremely popular after it was featured at “Biyahe ni Drew” TV show. Beautiful photos were shared here and there before it started to boom in the market, that’s when I got the courage to try. People from different places have been to Cebu and ME, ME and ME in my own hometown I didn’t even know it exist. Hahah!

The moment I got the chance to go home for holiday, I made sure I reserved one day of my schedule to experience it.

Canyoneering will start at Canlaob river downstream going to amazingly beautiful Kawasan Falls. A guide is required, you cannot navigate the canyons on your own. Normally, guides would bring a dry bag, so you can leave your camera and phone to him. This activity involves, trekking while you enjoy the beautiful nature, jumping into fresh water pools, swimming down the rapids, climbing and (additional vocal activity for me) a lot of screeeeeeaming hahahah!

After gearing up, we head on the first jump that would bloody scare you not to proceed — hahah! My expectation was from little jumps to extremely high one. So, my mind-setting was wrong. Since, I’m the photographer of the group, I’m always the last person to jump. After I witnessed their scared faces and screamed up to the top of their voices . If you were me, will you be motivated to jump? 😀

When it’s my turn, I just stand at the tip of the cliff, like I was glued on it. While staring at the water and some fighting happening on my head, if I should do it or not. Once you proceed with the first jump there’s no turning back. And to add up to my fun motivation, remembering the super macho guy with tattoos all over his body, who happened to jump before me. And who was terribly shaking, maybe because of excitement, hahaha! He’s the reason why it took me awhile to jump off the first cliff of approximately 20-25 feet high into the water.

While supportive people in the line and in the water started to cheer me up to go for it, I felt ashamed so I’ve decided to conquer my fear. I did it, hooray! What a relief? And the rest of the jumps were unchallenging , yabang! (boastful) and liar hahahah! Our canyoneering route is total of 2 slides and 11 jumps. But, we all decided to skip the highest cliff. We all agreed that we are not ready to die yet… hahah! As we walked down to the easiest way. The tanga-tanga (careless) side of me struck, I slipped myself. As fast as the water stream, they all found me in the water, so technically I completed the 11 jumps hahahaha!

The entire 4 hours of canyoneering is not easy but it’s perfectly worth it. The cliffs are very slippery and stones everywhere so you have to be careful in jumping and walking. Always follow what the guide instructs you to do. If you are not allowed to jump to certain parts, don’t insist it’s for your own safety. And a pair of shoes with a good grip is the best choice but it’s not cheap so a simple close secured shoes is a better alternative. I finished it with damaged water shoes.

For the sake of my careless record, while trekking I also slipped on the stones countless times. But, I think it became an advantage because anyone who sees me would automatically extend a guiding hand, even those random adventurers. The unhappy part was people calling me “ma’am”. Whaaaaaat maaaaa’aam!!! So, I looked around and realized that maybe I was the youngest around heheheh!

I also brought along my eldest daughter with me who just turned 15. So, I was like scared for myself and scared of watching her, hahaha. After the canyoneering, we trekked for about 45 minutes until we reached the Kawasan waterfalls. We had enjoyed a rewarding sumptuous meal in front of the falls. We are tired but super duper happy. Thank you to all my sisters, the goddesses of mountains and falls, we are still alive. 🙂

This adrenaline pumping-exciting experience and stress relieving-fun activity, I would recommend to everyone to try, even once in your life. You can find below as I share how we arranged this activity.

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Thank you to Easy Wander Travel for arranging this trip for us. Everything was hassle free and the best part was we arrived in Kawasan Falls with meal ready to be served and safely slept our way back to the city.

If you had like to go on your own, you can go directly to Cebu South Bus Terminal and take a bus that would bring you to Barangay Matutinao and ask them to drop you off in front of Matutinao Church. For canyoneering activity you can send your inquiry to

All photos were taken with Samsung Note 5.


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