Perfect Combination For Chapped Lips

I thought I was absolutely doomed to have a lifetime chapped lips until I found a perfect combination. I have this problem since high school, so you see itโ€™s been more than decades of using lip balm to moisturize my lips (Okay, stop counting my age. ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

I kept on changing from one brand to another and there were times that I canโ€™t even finished it because the product is totally useless. It seems nothing really works best for me.

Until one day I happened to read about this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora. Thanks goodness for useful article.

I head on to Sephora and I was happy to see that itโ€™s on sale but it comes in 1 pack of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment + Sugar Lip Polish. I was hesitant at first because what I need was just a lip treatment.

Iโ€™ve decided to get the pack as it comes out cheaper. And I got to try the Sugar Lip Polish,ย too. Actually, the buying of pack happened after being sales talked…hahah! The sales lady made me feel that I need the Lip Polish, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes, it pays off to listen before coming up with the decision.

I tried both right away the moment I reached home. First used, I can already feel the difference. I exfoliate first then apply the Sugar Lip Treatment.

credits Sephora

I love everything about this product. The sugar lip polish which I used twice a week, itโ€™s effective in relieving my lips from dryness and flakiness. I have used this for some time until I finally decided to share with you because the product is effective for chapped lips. I realized that our lips also need to exfoliate regularly.

source: Sephora

I have replaced my regular lip balm with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I loved that itโ€™s slightly tinted and itโ€™s SPF 15. It moisturizes and protects my lips at the same time. Sugar Lip comes with 10 different shades, so you can choose the color that suits you.

Iโ€™ve been using the Berry shade because itโ€™s the closes to my lips and I want it more natural looking.

The price of the lip treatment alone is not cheap, you can get from Sephora at S$34.00. But, for me when it comes to face we should not settle for less. At least now, I know I am paying for something that is consistently working for me.

If you want to try it you can go for mini size first. Just be careful, because itโ€™s softer compared with lip balm or lipstick so it tends to break and melt easily.

While the Sugar Lip Polish will cost you S$24.00.

Photo: Sephoraย 


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