Snorkeling In Maldives

It was a whole day of fun around the deep blue sea of Indian Ocean.

It’s not every day that we got the chance to enjoy the ocean of Maldives,

so we seize the day!

We have decided to join the whole day of snorkeling to four different points that includes “Turtle Point”. Unluckily, we didn’t get the chance to swim with them, only few people with us did.

I think, for Turtle point it’s recommended to swim away from the crowd, the turtles swim around in the area where there is less people. I got few photos only because I was super overwhelmed with the beauty of the ocean. 🙂

My photos didn’t even give justice to what my eyes have enjoyed. Snorkeling in one of the best places in the world is just a perfect moment. Most of the photos are from a friend’s Gopro Hero4 and few of these were taken using Canon Tough.


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