Sandbank Trip – Maldives

After a haft-day of snorkeling, we headed to this sandbank for our lunch. It’s a lovely long stretch of sand where you can go for a long walk, feel the sands between your toes and the wind from the Indian Ocean will calm your skin from the scorching sun.

Definitely, lunch is not the best time to visit this sandbank. You cannot stay longer as there is no shade at all. The Island is bare with no trees. Good thing, our guide had brought along a big umbrella. It was super duper hot, imagine the sun being so mad at you…heheh! There’s nothing much to do in the sandbank that you cannot do on other sides of the sea. You cannot even have your own privacy, there are people from other resorts, too. But, if you really wanted to experience this sandbank exclusively, I think the best time would be around sunrise or before sunset. You can approach your resort to arrange a private trip for you or arrange a romantic sunset dinner for two. To own this little paradise for awhile would be a great experience.


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