Picnic Island Maldives

Someone was so thrilled to see “what’s for lunch” and that includes the person who took the photo. 🙂 What’s a bit weird in Maldives, particularly in the Island where we stayed at, the seafood is not so usual in the meal, that explained the grin on her face when we saw a big grilled fish heheh! We were kind of expecting some crabs, squid, shrimps. But, the island is too gorgeous to be disappointed. 🙂

We have been too occupied doing water activities since day one. This was the most relaxing day we had in Maldives. We spent the whole time eating, snorkeling, playing around and sleeping. I dozed off for an hour in my bikinis on the hammock…aaah freeeeedom! Such a safe place. 🙂

This beautiful, isolated, tiny, “Picnic Island” is also locally called “Maadhoo Island”. It’s uninhabited but there are few people who is charged to take care of the Island. Rank as one of the “Best Islands” in South Male Atoll. Some amenities you can enjoy are — seabeds, hammocks, volleyball court and BBQ pit. There’s a good spot for diving,too.


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