Fun Scuba Diving in Maldives

I’m EXCITEEEEED!!! I can’t wait to share with you my Maldives diving experienced.

I get kilig (Hoity-toity) while writing, it was a dream come true for me. Although, it was not a formal scuba diving for professional diver but it’s enough for now. We have less days remaining in Maldives that gave us no chance to take the course. We have decided to try this fun diving for beginners which is less than 5 meters depth and it does not required a diving license. How cool is that!?

First, we had a quick briefing about the diving equipment set, how each part works and how to use it. Briefing also includes proper breathing, how to equalize, how to remove the water from the mouth and nose, how to deplete and inflate, how to clean our goggle when it’s cloudy and most importantly some safety measures while diving. Right after the proper briefing, we go straight to the beach to apply what we have understood during the lecture.


Our diving instructors made sure that we get everything right before bringing us to the diving spot. They were so lucky that their students were smart enough and they don’t need to drag us while diving, as we were independently exploring the underwater world. I am not making up words here, I am just repeating what they had said…heheh!


They took a lot of photos while we all enjoy the beautiful corals and sea creatures in crystal clear water of Maldives.


We saw extremely beautiful corals, stingray and some familiar fishes but we don’t exactly know the name, except for Nemo and Dory — heheh!. If you happened to identify them, pls. drop a comment below.


All photos are unedited, we used an underwater camera ‘Canon Tough’ that can be used for diving up to 10 meters. From the output of the camera, I can say, it’s worth the money.

After this fun diving experienced and after a full day of snorkeling to 4 different spots (I will have a separate post for this), I think Maldives is a perfect place to take a diving course. I would definitely come back for my license.


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