Once again Drum Tao production is back in Singapore to showcase their undeniably breathtaking talents. They have been constantly performing in Singapore for five consecutive years now since 2011.

If you keep on reading as I list down few facts of the show, you will know the reasons why you should not watch it or perhaps watch it. 🙂

Drum Tao is the Martial Art of Drumming. It is a Japanese drum and dance ensemble formed in 1993. The performance is a combination of traditional and modern music and dance to reflect Japanese tradition, but also incorporates Korean, Maori, and Indonesian influences.

Here’s few fun facts:

1. The Production team behind this show was Four-time Tony nominee. Who’s not familiar with Tony Awards?

“The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre, more commonly known informally as the Tony Award, recognizes achievement in live Broadway theatre. The awards are presented by the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway League at an annual ceremony in New York City.” Source Wikipedia.

2. JUNKO KOSHINO is the show costume designer. She is one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed fashion designer. Below are few of the costumes during Drum Tao performance. My favorite costumes are the topless, you will know why when you watch the show. 😉

Source Tao Entertaiment

3. Drum Tao has been performing constantly in different parts of the world since they open their curtain internationally in 2003. Hawaii noted as their first international performance. The curtain has not been closed since then.

Source Tao Entertaiment

Their performance has been experienced by 22 countries, 400 cities and 6.5 million people all over the world. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? But, unfortunately last day of the show here in Singapore was on 9th January 2016. But, as you continue you will find out where to catch them next.

4. I watched the show on the 7th January 2016, where I witnessed the standing ovation. What a performance indeed. For someone like me who is not a fun of cultural/traditional dance, amazingly it left me looking forward to watch their next performance.

At the beginning of the show, it was just okay for me. As they go on, I found myself already looking forward to see what’s next. Who’s going to perform next? What will the costume be like? And I liked that they know how to make their audience laugh, too.

The energy, the drum beats, and the adrenaline are truly remarkable. The performance is something you have to experience for yourself. Catch updates about their whereabouts on their official page.


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