A Must Try in Beijing: Roasted Peking Duck

Roasted Peking Duck is a must-try food for visitors in Beijing, no wonder it was included in our itinerary as one of our lunch meal. After reading my itinerary my reaction was “Oh my gosh! We will have a duck meal, good luck to me!”. I don’t eat duck and it never crossed my curious taste buds.


While everyone was so excited for the meal, the 2 sides of my brain were busy fighting, the left side said ” Don’t try it, it’s awful! While the right side said “Why not! go ahead, there is no harm in trying at least you will know what it taste like and you are allowed to close your eyes”…hahaha! Well, that was just me thinking and trying to convince myself.
Good thing it was served in slices. It was easier for me to try, than if it was in whole duck form. I didn’t have an evidence snap of me eating, but I swear to all goddess of ducks, I did eat..heheh! And not one but more. The first bite surprised me, so I took another slice. Then, I finally decided I like it, I really like it!!! The taste was consistently yummeeeeeey!
This was my first wrap, nyom nyom nyomeeey!

They served us the Roasted Peking Duck with wrap, hoisin sauce, cucumber and green onion. I finished about four wraps plus I ate it with rice.

Peking Duck is a famous dish from Beijing and it is now considered one of China’s national food.


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