“OH WOW!” A One Of A Kind Restaurant

I considered this place as one of a kind restaurant. I am not sure if it’s a good idea to dine here, yet a long queue of people waiting to be seated could be a good sign that it’s probably an exceptional marketing strategy.

With Donna (at my side), my best friend and her kids taken at Upperstar Restaurant during my holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

When it was our turn to be seated, a lady assisted us to our table and I was so surprised to see desktop computer on each table. Seriously, a desktop computer! For a moment, I thought it was cool.

While walking towards our table, I asked my best friend, “what’s the computer for?” then, she gave me an obvious answer “the computer is for those who wants to go online while eating”. And with my hastily reply “oh wow! Why not, free surfing while eating”.

I have observed that most of the users were just browsing on social networking site and some kids were playing games while eating. Naaah! Not a good values to inculcate to the kids.

My best friend likes this place and she recommended it to me because of the variety of delicious food they served at a reasonable price and most especially the serving is big…heheh! I think she’s more after with the price because it’s her treat…hahaha!

This dining experienced, left me with question in mind, “would you dine with your family or friends with this kind of setting?”.

Personally, I still prefer a place where nothing will take your family or friends attention from you, especially when dining out. This is the same thing when we are actively using our smart phones. It’s quite sad to see them busy with their phones while you are hoping for a conversation.

In many cases, I’ve seen group of friends, who were so quiet at the other side of the table, because most of them are on their phones. I’ve witnessed couples, instead of asking how their day was while waiting for the food to be served, they are just busy with their phones. I have a famous line that’s only famous to my close friends …hahah! This, I always crack when I noticed a long used of mobile phones — “what’s this, an unti-social event!?!” The guilty ones always defend first hahah!. It’s actually a half meant joke to get their attentions and it’s effective. Okay okay! I hands up! I am also guilty of this sometimes. I normally used my phone when some important matters to attend but as much as possible not in the dining table.

I think we should still preserve one of our old Filipino values — the respect over the “hapagkainan” (dining table) and give more importance to people who is around rather than be on our phones/computers. This is an attitude that we should not forget to adopt and practice on a day to day basis.

I guess, this will be my last time to be in this type of restaurant unless my best friend insist or the place is too good to decline.


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