Table Candle Holder On A Budget

Here’s a quick to prepare candle holder set, which I did for a simple dinner at home with friends. And I didn’t even spend a dime, that was the best part. heheh!

I am sharing with you the 3 simple steps for you to recreate this set. It will surely adds accent to any dining table and lighted candles set a good mood too.


Here’s how:

You need…

  • Any type of candles.
  • Candle Holder
  • Clean Water
Use any candle available at home, it doesn’t need to be fancy. In my case, I used the small round candles and a tall round scented candle readily available.
The shape of the candles will going to give you an idea what candle holder you will need. Since, I used small round candles, different wine glasses would fit perfectly. You may also use any transparent type of glass, bottle or even a soup bowl.

I filled the glasses with 3/4 of water, for the candles to float.


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