Review: Strictly Pancakes

How about pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Then, this place is for you! It allows you to satisfy your pancake cravings anytime of the day. I always thought of pancakes only for breakfast but this place totally changed my mindset. The concept of the menu is very unique and they serve variety of pancakes from savoury to sweet.

Garlic Buttered Prawns (S$15)

This is Strictly Pancakes No.1 recommendation from the menu. I don’t personally like garlicky food, but I feel the need to try this one and surprisingly I like it. Except, the after taste of garlic on my mouth (people who don’t like garlic totally feel my sentiment here…heheh!).

The serving is in three pancakes. It’s quite heavy with the sauce, I just finished two. If you think three is too much, you can ask for two pancakes only and that will be S$1 off from your bill.

For this type of order, I think you can take off the butter and sweet maple syrup. I didn’t use it at all. But, they always served it with any pancake meal of your choice.

The Sunny Porker (S$13)

According to the menu, a delicious pairing of bacon pancake and sausage pancake goes wonderfully with two sunny side up eggs finished with black pepper, mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of perfectly sautéed capsicum and corn. I agree!

Potatoes Leeking Cheese (S$12)

The sour cream, combined with butter and sweet maple syrup make this pancake stuffed with potatoes, cheese and leek with sautéed mushrooms on the side, such a delightful meal.

This branch is in Upper East Coast Road. Since, it’s near to my place I always eat here. I like the spacing of the table, they have tables outside too. The staffs are accommodating and this place is quite neat.

Generally, I like the entire concept of serving good pancakes all day. I will surely come back to try the rest of the pancakes and dine in at Prinsep branch, too.

Based on my last visit, this branch is already closed. Remaining branch in Prinsep Street.

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