Surprise Birthday Idea

I think I’m going to make her buking (busted) here, she was really sad few days before her birthday and she seems restless (I was observing her every move…hahah!). Maybe because it was her first birthday away from her family.

I totally understand how it feels. So, me being a pretentious to be nice roomie, hahah! I’d asked everyone to prepare something for her birthday.

The night while she was so busy feeling sad inside the room, she has no idea that we are also busy preparing a little surprise pajama party for her. I guess, everyone was best actor and actresses…hahaha!

It was quite difficult for us, as we don’t want her to notice all the preparation and I need to make some white lies as she keeps on asking why I was cooking so late…hahah!

Here comes the midnight, while all of us was so excited, it took me 3 times to call her out of the room before she finally came out.

TadaaaAh!!! A surprised birthday banner, a simple cake, some food and us on our pajamas. She was speechless with her big smile, like “what’s going on here” thought running on her mind.

On our PAJAMAS, that’s pretty cute ladies…Ooopsie with the only thorn amongst the roses.
We had a little game,too…Yay!




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